Choosing the right flowers to send to a funeral can be difficult, but the arrangement is often dictated by your relationship with the deceased or bereaved.

Casket sprays and crosses are usually chosen by whoever is making the funeral arrangements or very close family members. In some cases, funerals have an overall theme or matching flowers in the primary tributes, so you may want to check with the family before sending any particularly large arrangements.

There’s a huge variety of flowers available for funerals. You can choose from:

Posies and baskets are very versatile and can be sent directly to a funeral or to the family.

Funeral sprays are often used on top of the casket and come in a variety of designs. These should not be sent directly to the family as a gift.

Wreaths are probably the most well-known funeral tribute, and are usually sent directly to the funeral as a mark of respect.

Hearts make a very personal statement and show love and compassion. They are usually reserved for immediate family or people who are in the ‘inner circle’.

Funeral crosses are usually the primary tribute at a Christian funeral and make a very personal statement. They’re usually chosen by immediate family or very close friends.

Letter tributes are becoming more popular and are usually dedicated to a particular family member as a centrepiece.

Special or themed tributes are a reflection of the deceased, and a beautiful gesture of love and remembrance. They are chosen to remember the deceased’s passions and personality.

Cushions and pillows signify a final resting place and are beautifully crafted in a variety of sizes and colours.