If your flowers are not a gift for the family, it’s important to know where to send them to ensure that your gesture does not become an inconvenience and that the flowers are received at the right time.

Funeral Director

In most cases, funeral flowers are sent to the funeral parlour prior to the date. It means that undertakers can arrive at the destination with the flowers and coffin together. In most cases, flowers are directed to the parlour where the deceased is kept prior to the service.

When you’re sending the flowers, ensure that you have the name and date attached to the delivery.

A Home Address

In some cases, the family may choose to have a short service before or after the funeral and the flowers can be displayed there. Make sure that there is somebody available to receive the flowers when they arrive, and that there is room. If you are concerned that the family will be overwhelmed with flowers or planning at the time, it’s best to send it to the funeral director.

Church/Place of Worship/Crematorium

It’s usually best to avoid sending your tribute directly to the church or crematorium. There may not be anybody there to receive them or there could be confusion about where the flowers are going. Flowers may also be left outside for some time, which can cause them to wilt or be damaged by the wind before the service.